Welcome! I’m Georgia and this is my blog! (obvs.)

I’m a passionate makeup collector and lover. I’m fascinated by anything beauty related, whether it be spending hours playing with my own makeup, watching Youtube tutorials or scrolling my Insta feed – which of course is filled with beautiful products.

I spend a lot of my free time photographing makeup and beauty products for Instagram (which I should mention that i’m addicted to) and online shopping! I have a bit of a tendancy to spend a majority of my pay at Mecca, which i’m sure many of you can relate! I love being ‘in the know’ about all the new products coming out, which is a big reason why I started this blog. I feel like by blogging I can share my opinion in greater detail than I can on the gram.

A bit more about me, I live and have grown up in coastal South West Victoria, on a farm a short distance from the beach. I am almost (very few weeks away) a Registered Nurse, and in 2017 I will be starting full time work! I’m also a passionate lover of cats. I have two fur babies, Tidgey (15) and Moshi (1). I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them in my life!

You will find me daily over at my IG @georgialovesx and I will be posting here as often as I possibly can, so keep a watch out for new posts!

x x x